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Dec 11, 2023

Solvent Recovery Machine Related Questions Answered

Solvent recovery machine when the steam leakage?
When the solvent recovery machine is found to be working with solvent vapor leakage, there may be the following problems:
(1) The cooling pipe is blocked: the steam fails to flow out after cooling through the cooling management, and a certain pressure is generated in the recovery bucket, and the steam overflows from the recovery bucket cover under the pressure.
(2) The sealing ring is not well sealed: the sealing ring of the drum cover of the solvent recovery machine should be replaced in time every 3000 times.
Solution, contact the manufacturer or supplier to replace the sealing ring.

How to smoke when solvent recovery machine is used?
(1) Because the solvent recovery machine often deals with different solvents, if not often cleaned, the barrel can be stained with a thick layer of residue, if the residue in the recycling barrel is not thoroughly cleaned, the residue will accumulate thicker and thicker, in the state of high temperature heating, the residue will harden carbonization, automatic shutdown time is extended, causing the residue to overheat and smoke.
(2) The solvent recovery machine will also smoke when the temperature controller is set incorrectly. For example: a solvent boiling point of 56 ° C, if the shutdown temperature controller set higher or too close to 56 ° C, the machine will not be able to automatically shut down, continuous heating, causing the residue overheating smoke; The heat medium oil heating temperature setting is too high will also cause the residue to overheat smoke
(3) The contact part of the washer (drum cover seal ring) and the recovery bucket is not cleaned, causing steam to go out, and if there is a heat source around the steam, it will also cause the solvent recovery machine to smoke.

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